The One With The BEST Chicken Salad

This week, I attempted to make mayo again.  The first time, I tried it by hand but being as that I have no culinary training, it ended up more like a dressing. It still tasted good in my tuna salad, but it wasn’t mayo. So, I decided to try again and I’m so glad I did. It turned out PERFECT. I used the recipe the blog The Clothes Make The Girl and it was so easy.[Note: I used a pasteurized egg to be on the safe side, because if you know anyone that has gotten Salmonella you know a little mayo isn’t worth the risk. TRUST ME. My mom got salmonella from peanut butter crackers back when that a big thing. It was awful.] I cracked my egg and let it come to room temperature in the food processor. I was a little nervous because I have a previous generation Ninja blender so the engine is on the top so I couldn’t leave the lid off and slowly add the oil. Instead, I dumped it in at 1/4 cup at a time and gave it a little whirl. Slowly but surely it began to take and I was so excited that it worked out.

At this point, I realized I was going to have real homemade mayo. So excited.

The Finished Product: Perfect homemade mayo.

Now, I’m not that big of a mayo fan, I actually prefer mustard. But, I do love me some chicken salad. Growing up, Chelsea’s Deli was THE place for chicken salad. If you got out of school early you were going there for lunch and when you got home from college this was the place you met your old friends. Well, I’m sorry to say, this is no longer the best chicken salad. Instead, that title belongs to Cormie’s Grocery in Lake Charles, LA. That fine chicken salad on fluffy slice of Evangeline Maid Bread is the stuff dreams are made of…seriously, it’s that good.

So, I decided to imitate it as best I could. I boiled a little less than a pound of chicken breasts then let them cool (did this while making the mayo). Then i tore it apart to get rid of those disturbing gummy parts in chicken and added to the food processor. I did about half up it pretty fine and the other half less to give it more substance. Then I finely diced a stalk of celery and a little red onion. Added some S&P and then some of my mayo and stirred it up. You want enough mayo that it is moist but not too moist. For me, I prefer it when it reaches a texture similar to that of raw cookie dough. But, that’s personal preference. Then I put it in the fridge to let the flavors meld together. It turned out delicious and as close to Cormie’s as I’ll get on this side of the Sabine. It made about 4 hearty servings.


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