The One Without Fried Okra

I love fried okra. It reminds me of being a kid @ Luby’s. My mom would get these little fried pieces of green stuff and I just thought it was so gross. One day, I tried it and I fell in love. From the salty and crispy outside to the juicy inside, I can’t get enough. When I lived in DC, few places had fried okra. Except this TOTAL dive bar on Capital Hill called the Tune Inn. Many a good time were had there over grilled cheese and fried okra. A few years after I move back (which, I can’t believe i’ve been gone for 5 years, mind blowing how fast time flies), it was featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives:

This video takes me back. I heard if burned down a few years ago, but that they were going to rebuild. If you find yourself in DC, itching for some fried okra definitely check this place out.

This past week, I had a bunch of okra in my CSA box. It had me totally stumped. Other than gumbo and fried, how do you eat okra?

The answer: Roasted!

I washed the okra and patted it dry then i sliced it into more uniform sizes.

Tossed it on a cookie sheet and sprayed with a little olive oil. Then I added my favorite cajun seasoning blend: Tony’s. Put it in the oven at 400 for about 7 mins until crisp.

I served it as a side with my italian chili. It had that salty & crispy texture (plus a little heat from the seasoning) that I like so much about fried okra, but  without the grease and regret.


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