Squash, Squash, Squash…Everybody!

[Note, the title is supposed to be to the tune of that LMFAO song]

I love vegetables. There’s not a veggie I’ve tried that I don’t like… And I mean pure veggies, not coated in butter or sauce. Nothing beats a lightly steamed veggie with just a little S&P. Lima Beans? YUM! alfalfa Sprouts? More, Please! Brussels Sprouts ?  Double YUM!!

Despite my love of veggies, I’ve never really been exposed to different types of squash…The shapes kind of freaked me out and I just didn’t know how to cook them. The past few weeks I’ve gotten a variety of squash and it forced me to learn how to use them.

One of the last CSA boxes until late September: Includes lots of grape tomatoes, a huge spaghetti squash and a big juicy watermelon.

Butternut Squash

There were so many options, but I decided to make some “fries”. I peeled the butternut squash then diced as I would a potato. These were delicious kind of similar to a sweet potato fry, but with even more flavor. I ate these with some boiled fresh CSA corn (fresh corn doesn’t even need butter or S&P because it’s so sweet and juicy) and garlic rotisserie chicken  from Pronto’s.

Spaghetti Squash

I know a lot of people trying to lose weight have a thing for spaghetti squash, but I had never tried it. I cut in half then microwaved each half for about 10 mins until I was able to scrape the squash easily.  It took much longer than I read online, but that might be because I have a really cheap and dinky microwave. It looks like spaghetti and if you’re a volume eater like me, this will be really filling and low cal. I made some turkey meatballs with some shredded zucchini and added my favorite Mario batali sauce. Then I added a little freshly grated parm cheese and crushed red peppers for extra flavor — spaghetti squash is really bland.

Spaghetti Squash & Meatballs

Cutting squash is very hard. Make sure you have a really sharp knife. It’s a kin to carving a pumpkin. Likewise, you can use other parts of the squash for a snack. I roasted the seeds of the butternut squash like I would pumpkin seeds. I gave them a quick rinse, patted dry then placed on a baking sheet. I didn’t add any oil just stuck them in the over for about 5-7 mins. Once I took them out, I added a little bit of salt.  Since the butternut squash seeds are a little bit smaller than that of a pumpkin, they get a little more crispy. I really enjoyed these. The seeds of the spaghetti squash look just like pumpkin seeds, but I didn’t roast them because I was lazy.

A Lot of Work for a Little Snack